About Us

Victoria International College is one of the British independent institutions that provide professional higher education services in the United Kingdom.

Victoria International College aims to develop professional higher education for individuals all over the world. It does not differentiate between nationalities or religions because it works on the principle of equality among all peoples and supports the right to education.

Victoria International College provides professional higher education services for all scientific disciplines, after passing the qualifying exams to join the specialization that the student wishes to enroll in.


A leading global college in the outcomes of human, technical education and attention to its quality, in accordance with the European online approach and an emerging World environment.


✓Clear learning goals for the professional programmes and individual courses, describing expected student competences at the end of the programme.

✓A curriculum that reflects the newest international knowledge within the disciplines of the professional programmes.

✓Measurement and follow up on the realization of the intended learning goals, with regular and systematic feedback to the programme committee and course responsible.